Electromobility in Greece has been gaining momentum in recent years and is experiencing a constant upward trend. The demand for electric vehicles is steadily increasing as more consumers adopt sustainable transportation options.

An increasing number of charging stations are being installed on highways and public parking areas, making charging more convenient for EV owners. The development of a growing charging network, along with easy licensing for the installation of home charging stations, contributes to the promotion of electromobility and the increase in the number of electric vehicles on Greek roads.

From the early stages of electromobility penetration in Greece, ZILLION has been a provider of electric charging stations, both in the initial charging networks of the Public Power Corporation (DEI) and in chargers installed by many municipalities throughout the country.

By continuously monitoring all technological advancements, we undertake the supply of home electric vehicle chargers, as well as electric vehicle charging systems with controlled access capabilities through RFID cards or mobile applications for easy payment and access. Additionally, we undertake the study and installation of electric vehicle charging stations using photovoltaic systems with energy storage capabilities.